Tinicum Polo Park


Saturday Jul 29, 2023    
1:00 pm


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Tinicum Polo Park
961 River Road, Erwinna, PA

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Tinicum Park Polo Club located in Erwinna, Pennsylvania, is one of the largest clubs in the Eastern Circuit. Frequently, teams from neighboring clubs come to match mallets with Tinicum Park Polo Club members in one of the oldest, and most exciting, equine sports played today.
Come enjoy a Tinicum Park Polo Club match. Park in the general parking area and join club members on the east side of the field. If desired bring a zoom lens, a lawn chair and food and  beverage. Matches start at 2:00PM.


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  • Steve Farb
  • Susan Sherman
  • Michael Tontoni
  • Laura Brandt
  • Sheril Roth
  • George Segelken
  • Jeffrey Belets
  • Tom Lunde
  • Bill Ng


    1. Hi Jim, I’m not certain anyone has replied to you so, Just to be sure, please log onto the website click on the event (Under upcoming events on the front page of the website) and register for the event so there you’ll be added to the list. I do not see your name on the list yet. Thanks, Jean

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