About the Doylestown Photo Club

Mission Statement

The Doylestown Photo Club Mission is to preserve, promote and excite an interest in the art of photography and to support and encourage photographers of all skill levels in an open learning environment. We exchange experience and knowledge with others who share their passions and enthusiasm for the art of photography. We welcome and cultivate friendships, mutual understanding and social interactions toward the formation of quality photographic results. We advocate education and information exchanges, and learn from past photographers and masterworks to inspire a deeper personal exploration and to encourage new creative imagery.

Frequently Asked Questions

The club meets at 6:30PM on the 2nd Thursday of the month. Please check the Upcoming Events section on the Home Page for the next meeting date and location.

Visitors pat $10 for program meetings. Upon payment of the entry fee, non-members will receive a coupon code entitling them to $10 off membership if enrolled before or at the next meeting.

Yes, membership dues are $50 per year for an adult membership; $35 for a student membership; and $80 for a dual membership which covers two adults in one household. Each level of memberships is valid for 12 consecutive months.

Yes! Our current membership is comprised of photographers of all skill levels, from amateur to professional. We strive for an open, learning environment where those with more experience can share their knowledge and all can share their passion and enthusiasm for the art of photography.

The meetings are full of enlightened information. We narrow our discussions to keep each month focused on a particular theme. Together, we provide support for almost any direction in photography and the encouragement and motivation to set a plan, achieve your goal and follow your path.

In addition to monthly meetings, we conduct field trips, attend shows, participate in shows and do whatever we can to further members’ interest and knowledge in photography.

You can complete your membership information on our Membership Page.