6th Annual Scavenger Hunt Meet-Up


Saturday May 04, 2024    
9:30 am - 2:00 pm


Bookings closed

Event Type

This year it’s back to teams and another remote location. EVENT IS OPEN TO REMOTE MEMBERS.

This is a register-in-advance event both for drawing teams and for lunch accommodations.

Details will follow after registration closes on the 28th of April.  Based on registration, Jean & Sue, will blind-draw 3-person teams and you will be notified which team you are on during the week of the Hunt.

Our 4 remote members, if registered, will be included in the drawing.  (No more than 1 remote player will be on any team.)

You may arrange car-pooling once you know your team, but all participants must meet at the carpool location to form a caravan to the location entry.

Rain date will be May 5th or May 19th.

We’ll  also have lunch afterwards so please check the “attend lunch” box when registering.  You can find it under your name & phone number.


Registrations are closed for this event.

Your name will appear in the signed-up list after you have submitted your registration and have returned from the main screen

The members signed up for this event:

  • Jean McKenna
  • Michael Tontoni
  • Susan Sherman
  • Amy Shaffer
  • John Jacoberger
  • Daniel Schabert
  • Tom Spurgeon
  • Sandra Uzelmeier
  • Sheril Roth
  • Joan Mancuso
  • Joyce Goldberg
  • Steve Farb
  • Ralph Stenerson
  • Ekaterina Dimitrova
  • Cathy Sherman
  • Barbara Taylor
  • Cynthia Daymon
  • Bill Ng
  • Mary Grucella
  • Monica Costello
  • Lynda McKenna


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