Middle Creek – Snow Geese


Friday Feb 16, 2024    
11:00 am - 2:00 pm


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Middle Creek Visitor Center
100 Museum Road, Stevens, PA

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Middle Creek WMA

We will meet at the Middle Creek WMA Visitor Center at 11 AM on Feb 16. The date is subject to change due to weather or the number of birds present. We will meet in the parking lot if the weather cooperates, or inside the Visitor Center.

For information about the site, site maps, directions and a live feed of the lake from the most popular viewing site, check out their website:  https://www.pgc.pa.gov/InformationResources/AboutUs/ContactInformation/Southeast/MiddleCreekWildlifeManagementArea/Pages/default.aspx. More specific info for our outing will be provided later to those who sign up.

Definitely bring a long lens for close-ups and for times the birds are not close to the viewing spots. A shorter lens can be helpful to capture the entire scene. Tripods might be inconvenient to use at Willow Point, the most popular viewing spot, if it is crowded (you’ll be able to judge that from how crowded that parking lot is).

The most popular viewing spot, Willow Point, is a ¼ mile walk on a paved path. There are other viewing locations as well that don’t require walking. More info to come for those who sign up.

The weather may be cold, windy, and/or damp, so plan accordingly. Layers are always advised. We will be exposed to the elements at Willow Point for an extended period of time to have the best experience. There are covered picnic tables, but no other shelter. Gloves that enable you to operate your camera while wearing them, and hand-warmers are very helpful.

There is no food available at Middle Creek, and no nearby town, so plan accordingly. You might end up staying longer than you expect to if the spectacle is as amazing as it has been in the past.

For Google Maps directions, use “Middle Creek WMA” or “Visitor Center”. Map coordinates 40.27125964650842, -76.25005214941564. In Apple Maps “Middle Creek WMA Stevens PA”. Auto-fill suggestions otherwise might take you to the wrong spot within Middle Creek.


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  1. I will try to get there very early in the morning. As early as I can. May be around 7:30. Birds are more active in early morning. They lift off and go to feed on the nearby fields. Not much is happening around noon.

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